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Megan is a connector and tech community leader, having co-founded Portland Women in Tech (PDXWIT) and continues to serve as its President. In this role she's created a platform to connect tech women to companies, mentors and practical skills. PDXWIT is nearly 4000 strong and includes the support of 50+ tech companies. Above all, Megan has a commitment to building community to solve issues.

In her day job, after years of serving in technical roles, Megan found herself looking for more. Following soul searching and leaning on her mentors, she was reminded of her earliest career experiences working directly with customers and how fulfilling they were. This memory set her on a path of customer-facing leadership roles, where Megan has accumulated nearly a decade of experience working with global organizations to build, scale and transform customer-facing and IT Helpdesk teams. Her holistic approach unites cross-functional inputs, incorporates authenticity, engagement and empowerment to the forefront of every customer interaction.