Founder & Board President, Portland Women in Tech, 2012 - Present

Director of Customer Reliability Engineering, VMware, Present

Guest, “Straight Talk with Laural Porter Part 1 and Part 2,” KGW, September 2019

Guest, “Speaking Freely with Lucinda Kay,” 101.9 Kink, September 2019

Speaker, 2019 State of the Community survey results, Zapproved, September 2019

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Interviewee, “Survey says: dear white people in tech…” Portland Tribune, August 2019

Interviewee, “Portland tech survey: Diversity efforts resonate with white employees, but not minority workers,” August 2019

Keynote speaker, 2019 ACT-W National conference, July 2019

Honoree, “Portland Business Journal’s Forty under 40,” June 2019

Contributor, “To make tech more inclusive you must first understand why it isn’t”, June 2019

Contributor, “Your company culture and values are transparent so why aren’t your salaries?”, April 2019

Interviewee, “Pay Equity PEP Talk,” Prosper City, March 2019

Guest, “Speaking Freely with Lucinda Kay,” 101.9 kink, March 2019

Speaker, Techtown DEI Meeting “What is PDXWIT?” March 2019

Interviewee, “The Feminist of Pleasure Tech,” Oregon Business Magazine, March 2019

Interviewee, “Female CEOs proliferate in Oregon tech, though industry remains overwhelmingly male,” The Oregonian. March 2019

Contributor, “Are your hiring practices filtering tech talent you want and need?”, March 2019

Speaker, DAT Women in Tech luncheon “PDXWIT 2018 State of the Community Survey Results,” January 2019

Speaker, Yesler Eplay Core Team luncheon “PDXWIT 2018 State of the Community Survey Results,” December 2018

Guest, The Tech Academy Podcast, Episode 28, December 2018

Interviewee, “Walking out and speaking up are their own kind of workplace privilege,” girlboss, November 2018

Guest, “Women Crush Wednesdays” on KOIN6, November 2018

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Contributor, “Opinion: Addressing barriers to gender equity in tech,” Oregon Business Magazine, October 2018

Interviewee, “Tech expert calls for level playing field,” Lewiston Tribune, October 2018

Speaker, WSU Business Technology Symposium “I’m a woman in tech and I’m in it for the money,” October 2018

Guest, KATU Afternoon Live, October 2018

Speaker, Zapproved Diversity Discussion "PDXWIT 2018 State of the Community Survey Results,” September 2018

Speaker, Heptio All Employee Offsite "PDXWIT 2018 State of the Community Survey Results,” September 2018

Interviewee, "Survey finds discrimination in Portland tech industry," Hillsboro Tribune, August 2018

Guest, "KGW Straight Talk with Laurel Porter," August 2018

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Interviewee, "Portland's lil' bro' tech culture," Portland Tribute, August 2018

Guest, KATU Afternoon Live, August 2018

Speaker, Tech Academy "Tech Talk," June 2018

Guest Blogger, Minifeminist, June 2018

Guest, KATU Afternoon Live, June 2018

Guest, KATU Afternoon Live, June 2018

Guest, XRAY fm XRAY in the Morning, May 2018

Guest, XRAY fm Radio Roulette, May 2018

Guest, 94/7 fm Perfect Playlist, May 2018

Guest, KGW Tonight with Cassidy, May 2018

Keynote Speaker, "Girls in Tech Career Day" with Portland Workforce Alliance, May 2018

Speaker, Introduction to PDX Women in Tech @ Skyward, May 2018

Panelist, Cambia WELL Women in Tech Discussion, April 2018

Mentioned, "Portland Women in Tech seeks community input," Portland Business Journal, April 2018

Guest, KATU Afternoon Live, April 2018

Guest, PDX Executive Podcast, Episode 30, March 2018

Mentioned, "After Complaints, Software Company Issues Apology and Vows to Take Down 'Dongle' Ads," Willamette Week, March 2018

Mentioned, "A Local Nonprofit That Promotes Women in Tech Wants Suggestive 'Dongle' Billboards Removed," Willamette Week, March 2018

Keynote Speaker, Saturday Academy 2018 Discovery Luncheon, March 2018

Guest Blogger, TAO "My Path to Chasing Grace," February 2018

Guest, Portland Radio Project "Community Voices," February 2018

Honoree, Portland Business Journal's Women of Influence Award, February 2018

Guest, KATU Afternoon Live, February 2018

Speaker, St. Thomas More Catholic School, "My story included a trip through the 8th grade," January 2018

Interviewee, TAO: Celebrating our work in 2017, December 2017

Mentioned, "Compelling speakers, rising stars honored at the first Portland Women in Technology awards," Portland Business Journal, December 2017

Guest, KATU Afternoon Live, December 2017

Guest, Biz503: Empowering Women in Tech, November 2017

Guest Speaker, Wy'east Unitarian Universalist, November 2017

Guest Speaker, Gorge Women in STEM, November 2017

Guest, KATU Afternoon Live, October 2017

Interviewee, "How One Non-profit Tackles the Gender Gap in Portland Tech," Portland Monthly, November 2017

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Guest, KATU Afternoon Live, September 2017

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Guest, KATU Afternoon Live, August 2017

Guest, KATU Afternoon Live, July 2017

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Guest, Output PDX Episode #30, May 2017

Guest, KATU Afternoon Live, April 2017

Speaker, Portland City Council Communications Meeting, March 2017

Guest, KATU Afternoon Live, March 2017

Co-Organizer, Open Sesame Diversity Workshop, March 2017

Contributor, Network World, January 2017

Guest, KATU Afternoon Live, January 2017

Guest Speaker, PGE Women's Business Resource Group, January 2017

Guest Speaker, Tech Academy Tech Talks, January 2017

Guest, KATU Afternoon Live, November 2016

Speaker, Elevate Summit, "Support Retention: from bored to brilliantly empowered," October 2016

Panelist, Collective Eye Documentary Film Series Presents: Big Dream, August 2016

Panelist, AgilePDX: Gender and Agile Teams. Is there a problem here? June 2016

Panelist, TECHFLUENCE: Portland - Women in Technology Panel, May 2016

Panelist, ACT-W Conference: Community Leader Panel, April 2016

Panelist, Pacific University: Crowdfunding & Entrepreneurship, March 2016

Interviewee, OPB State of Wonder, March 2016

Interviewee, KATU News, March 2016

Panelist, Rose City Software Quality Engineers "Successful Women in Software Industry", March 2016

Interviewee, Women's Tech Radio Podcast, January 2016

Judge, WeCode Women's Hackathon, July 2015